Insurance We Accept

In order to seve you better we accept multiple insurances. Currently we are providers for: VSP, Eye Med, Arkansas Medicaid, Missouri Medicaid, Humana, Health Advantage, BCBS, Medicare, Care Improvement, Vision Care Direct, Vision Benefits of America, Avesis, Municipal Health Benefit Fund, United Healthcare, Qualchoice, and Tricare.

*All insurances vary by plan. Please call our office at (870) 857-2020 to discuss specific benefits.

Did You Know?

Most health insurances will cover visits to the eye doctor. Yes, health insurance. A couple of conditions must be met, however. Your eye doctor needs to be a provider for your health insurance, but even if they are not, they may be able to help you file and get reimbursed. Secondly, the condition for which you are being seen must be medical to be filed with medical insurance. However, most conditions are considered "medical." In reality, there are not many conditions that would not be covered by medical insurance.